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3-FEA Pellets

$2.7 Per Pellets Product Name: 100mg 3-FEA Pellets Cas No: Formula: C11H16FN IUPAC: N-Ethyl-1-(3-fluorophenyl)propan-2-amine Appearance: Purity:

Unit Price: $2.7

Buy pure high quality 3-FEA Pellets online with Bitcoin - Buy legal drugs online, buy research chemicals, buy raw pharmaceutical powders. 3-FEA Pellets for sale overnight delivery. 3-FEA (3-Fluoroethamphetamine) is a stimulant drug of the amphetamine class. 3-FEA produces a a medium-duration mixture of entactogenic and stimulant effects when administered. 3-Fluoroethamphetamine is structurally related to a series of designer fluorinated substituted amphetamines that originally included compounds such as 2-FA, 2-FMA, 3-FA, 4-FMA, 4-FA. 3-FEA pellets contain 100mg 3-Fluoroethamphetamine

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